Hello world!

This business has taken off with a bang!  It’s going to take probably until after Christmas to put any time into this site.  Please go to my Facebook store for ready-to-sell flatcaps, and fabric choices in the photo albums for custom flatcaps and my Instagram site for what’s being made on a daily basis.

I’ve been having trouble building up stock since these caps seem to find homes as quickly as I make them.  Since I’ll be participating in the Cheerfully Made Saves Christmas Market at the Sensplex (Ottawa, Ontario)  I have to put considerable effort into making some stock as well as all the other things necessary for one’s first makers market effort.  Wish me luck!

On the right is a selection of recent flatcaps.  What seems to be really popular are flatcaps made from Commander, a Canadian product woven in Montreal.  It’s a rain proof fabric and made into a flatcap, it’s so light-weight, you almost don’t notice you’re wearing it.  I wasn’t even planning to use this fabric but someone wanted a black flatcap and it was the only black fabric I had.  It was serendipitous because it worked so well and I have a LOT of this fabric in MANY colours.  The bottom right flatcap is made from Commander.

Another thing that has been a pleasant surprise is that women are interested in these flatcaps.  I generally look quite ridiculous in any kind of hat but even I can wear them.  I had no idea until I tried one on.  So amazing!!  Since then, I’ve had women contact me to make flatcaps in fabrics that will appeal to them.

Feel free to reach out!  I’ll take your fabric and make you a flatcap out of it!!


  1. How absolutely wonderful to read this story,I am very eager to follow your progress here and have no doubt your flatcap business will thrive as I know you have the drive and sheer will power to make this a success. I am the proud owner of one of your light weight rain proof creations and I love it, soon I will be going south for the winter and I will be using it there on a daily bases in stead of a baseball cap.

    1. I’m so glad it’s working well for you. I was really pleased to make it for you. Your husband’s black flatcap, won’t be very cool in Florida. Maybe he needs a lighter coloured one. He he 🙂

  2. The date on this post is very wrong. It’s the date the site first appeared. It’s taken me this long (Nov) to update the “hello world” traditional first post that WordPress puts up for you when you install it.

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